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oil-fired residential

WTGO Oil Boiler
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  • Oil-fired water boiler with cast iron sections
  • High capacity / high efficiency tankless heater
  • Quick open top and swing-away burner door with full chamber access increases visibility for inspection and servicing
  • Includes factory-wired circulator, service switch and Weil-McLain exclusive captured elastomer seals for added reliability
  • Recessed target wall design protects unit from flue brushes
  • Two flue outlets- rear and top - for complete venting flexibility
  • Available assembled or as a knockdown for installation areas with limited space
Model           Burner Cap (GPH)DOE Heating Capacity (MBH)Net AHRI Ratings (MBH)Min. Chimney Size: Rectangular (in)Annual Fuel Utilization
Efficiency (AFUE)
WTGO-3LR0.7086758 x 886.4
WTGO-3L0.95114998 x 885.0
WTGO-3RD0.8098858 x 887.0*
WTGO-30.951151008 x 885.3
WTGO-4RD1.001231078 x 887.0*
WTGO-41.201451268 x 885.0
WTGO-5RD1.201481298 x 887.0*
WTGO-51.451751528 x 885.0
WTGO-6RD1.401731508 x 887.0*
WTGO-61.752121848 x 885.0
WTGO-7RD1.601971718 x 887.0*
WTGO-72.002422108 x 885.0
WTGO-82.302662318 x12--
WTGO-92.552952578 x12--
*ENERGY STAR®compliant with Version 3.0 Boiler Specification of 87% AFUE only when installed at the reduced burner rate (R) and with the optional vent damper kit (D). Burners shipped with standard rate nozzle, reduced rates achieved through nozzle change - refer to burner instructions or boiler's rating label for correct selection.