Service Bulletins

Document #DateBulletin Name
SB-1403April 11, 2014Installation Considerations for Ultra Commercial and SlimFit Boilers
SB-1402April 3, 2014Welded Header for Steam Boilers
SB-1401March 24, 2014Aqua Plus Water Heater Maintenance - Anode Inspection Necessary
SB-1303November 12, 2013Aqua Plus Water Heaters - Easy Initial Air Purge
SB-1302April 26, 2013Water Treatment Recommendations for WM Condensing Boilers
SB-1301March 28, 2013Outdoor Reset Kits for Weil-McLain Boilers
SB-1205November 12, 2012Servicing Flooded Boilers – Addendum for Saltwater Damage
SB-1204October 30, 2012Servicing Flooded Boilers
SB-1203October 19, 2012Condensing Boilers – The Significance of the First Year Inspection
SB-1202May 31, 2012Aqua Plus Recirculation Plug Removal Issue
SB-1201March 30, 2012Condensate Production from Condensing Boilers
SB-1102November 18, 2011Steam Boiler Water Treatment
SB-1101November 18, 2011Low Water Flow Testing Procedure for Ultra Gas Boilers
SB-1003July 12, 2010Cope Seal Replacement
SB-1002April 28, 2010Steam Boiler Water Treatment
SB0001 R3March 26, 2010B0001ervicing Flooded Boilers
SB0801October 31, 2008Hercules Cryo-Tek 100 AL & Ultra Gas Boilers
SB0606October 16, 2006Residential Steam Boiler Increased Steaming Time
SB0605October 12, 2006Recommended Boiler Feedwater System
SB0604October 11, 2006Low Temperature Systems & Non-Barrier Radiant Tubing
SB0603October 10, 2006Cleaning Weil-McLain® Water Boilers
SB0601July 5, 2006Boiler Relief Valve Pressures & Sizes
SB0502July 28, 2005Residential Pressure/Temperature Gauge
SB0501January 14, 2005Ultra Gas Valve Adjustment
SB0401R1February 25, 2004Mixing Valve Repair – Model GV Gas Boilers Series 1 & 2 Only (Rev 1)
SB0302July 22, 2003McDonnell & Miller Guard Dog® LWCO’s & Weil-McLain® Residential Gas Boilers
SB0301April 11, 2003Residential Oil Burner Controls and Fuel Pumps
SB0208December 16, 2002Boiler Water Capacities for Weil-McLain® Boilers
SB0207December 4, 2002Venting Arrangements for Weil-McLain® Boilers
SB0206November 27, 2002Proper Location of the Circulating Pump
SB0205November 26, 2002Preventing Thermal Shock in Commercial Cast Iron Boilers
SB0204November 25, 2002Condensation in Chimneys
SB0203November 22, 2002Water Boiler Installations with Three-Way Valves
SB0202November 21, 2002Electrical Grounding for Boilers
SB0201November 20, 2002Effikal & Johnson Vent Dampers
SB0108May 24, 2001Replacing Drywell O-Rings in Indirect-fired Water Heaters
SB0107May 22, 2001Thermopile Pilot Monitoring Systems (for EG-75, EGH-85 & 95, PFG-6 & 7)
SB0106April 10, 2001Troubleshooting Hydrolevel Probe-Style Low Water Cut Offs
SB0105April 6, 2001Under-firing in Gas-Fired Atmospheric Boilers
SB0104April 2, 2001Guidelines for Using Glycol in Hydronic Systems
SB0103March 30, 2001Cleaning Weil-McLain “Water” Boilers
SB0102March 29, 2001Cleaning Weil-McLain "Steam" Boilers
SB0101February 16, 2001Gas Valve Vent Hose for CGs and AHE Boilers
SB0016December 14, 2000Flow Rates for Weil-McLain® Boilers
SB0015December 13, 2000GOLD Plus/PLUS Indirect-Fired Water Heaters Troubleshooting Tips
SB0014December 12, 2000GOLD Oil Boiler Pressure & Temperature Gauge Replacement
SB0013December 11, 2000Pressure Switch Service Information (and Tri-Delta Update)
SB0012December 8, 2000Gold GV Integrated Boiler Control
SB0011December 7, 2000Steam Boiler Water Treatment
SB0010December 6, 2000Lime Deposit and Sludge Build-Up
SB0009December 5, 2000Piping Capacities in MBH
SB0008December 4, 2000Flow Rates Through Boilers and Heating Systems
SB0007December 1, 2000Using Muriatic Acid to Clean Mineral Deposits from Inside Boiler
SB0006March 8, 2000Carlin Model 41000 Ignitor Notice
SB0004R1March 16, 2000Proper Tankless Heater Coil and Aquastat Operation (Rev 1)
SB0003R1February 3, 2000Power (Sidewall) Venting for Weil-McLain® Oil-Fired Boilers
SB0002February 2, 2000GOLD Oil Boiler Primary Burner Controls #60200-02